Umeken Pomegranate Balls CoQ10



Zakuro Pomegranate Balls w/CoQ10

Beautiful Health, Beautiful Skin for Women
Rejuvenate yourself with just six balls of Pomegranate Extract w/ CoQ10

Key Benefits

• Rich source estrogen contained in pomegranate, nature’s gift to women, pomegranate,
• Contains Lipoic Acid and Co-Enzyme Q10 for beautiful skin and beautiful health.
• Recommended for women experiencing menopausal symptoms, such as irregular menstruation.

Why are pomegranates good for women?

Two of the most beautiful women in history, Chinese imperial consort Yang Yuhuan and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, are both noted to have enjoyed eating pomegranate everyday. Because of its natural estrogen content, pomegranate has been known as the fruit for women. As a plant-based estrogen it is a natural safe supplement for women. Pomegranate has rich amounts of natural vitamins, minerals, citric acids, tannins and hence an essential fruit for women’s diet.

What other ingredients make Zakuro Balls special?

We added Lipoic Acid and Co-Enzyme Q10 to the Zakuro Balls to provide powerful anti-aging and antioxidant effects. Umeken’s Zakuro Balls is a must have for all women looking for beautiful skin and beautiful health. Women in midlife can experience decline of estrogen secretion but now, they can unlock the secret to beautiful skin and beautiful health Umeken’s Zakuro Balls.

Who should take Zakuro Balls?

Women entering menopause, those who have skin troubles, constant fatigue, mood changes, and those experiencing menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, irregular menstruation, decrease in sexual appetite, and insomnia.


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